Margaret Lee

c.v.   contact   179 Canal   47 Canal Street

Born 1980, Bronx, NY
Lives and works in New York, NY

One Person and Two Person Exhibitions


Für die Kinder Düsseldorfs, with Emily Sundblad, Off Vendome, Düsseldorf, DE
MHMMML, with Matthew Higgs and Marlon Mullen, International Art Objects, Los Angeles, CA
MLMH, with Matthew Higgs, Murray Guy, New York, NY

MHML, Matthew Higgs/Margaret Lee, The Green Gallery, August 18 – September 30, Milwaukee, WI

Waiting for ####, Jack Hanley Gallery, November 12 – December 10, New York, NY

Hello, I’m on Vacation, Callicoon Fine Arts, June 5 – July 11, Callicoon, NY
White Room Project with Michele Abeles and Darren Bader, White Columns, January 15 – February 6, New York, NY

Selected Group Exhibitions

12th Biennale de Lyon, France
Out of Memory, curated by Eleanor Cayre, Marianne Boesky Gallery, New York, NY
At Table and in Bed, Andreas Melas & Helena Papadopoulos, January 30 – March 23, Athens, Greece

New Pictures of Common Objects, curated by Christopher Lew, MoMA PS1, October 21, 2012 – March 1, 2013, New York, NY
You Should’ve Heard Just What I Seen, curated by Kelly Taxter, Riverview School, East Sandwich, MA
Context Message, curated by Tyler Dobson and Ben Morgan-Cleveland, Zach Feuer, June 21 – August 3, New York, NY
Bulletin Board, curated by Matthew Higgs, Venus Over Manhattan, July 20 – August 24, 2012, New York, NY
It’s Hardly Softcore, curated by Janus Høm and Mikkel Carl, BKS Garage, March 9 – March 31, Copenhagen, Denmark

Looking Back/ The 6th White Columns Annual, selected by Ken Okiishi and Nick Mauss, White Columns, December 10 – Feb 18, New York, NY
December, curated by Howie Chen, Mitchell-Innes & Nash, December 10 – January 21, New York, NY
Historia Mysteria, Renwick Gallery, November 5 – December 21, New York, NY
I don’t know if it makes any sense – I feel quite dizzy and a little drunk due to the blow. I will return with more info shortly…, curated by Howie Chen & Tim Saltarelli (Dispatch, NY), IMO, Copenhagen
Drawings, Drawings, Photographs, Rachel Uffner Gallery, April 1 – May, 3, New York, NY

Home and Origin, curated by Rodrigo Mallea Lira, Bukowskis, September 8 – October 1, Stockholm, Sweden
Is a Rusted Petticoat Enough to Bring it Down to Earth, curated by Amy Yao, Jack Hanely Gallery, February 6 – 28, New York, NY

Six Shouldering Another, curated by Liam Everett, Mike Rollins Fine Art, October 3 – 11, New York, NY
Vegetables for Breakfast, curated by Antoine Catala, Mountain Fold Gallery, June 20 – July 18, New York, NY
Today and Everyday, organized by Margaret Lee, X-Initiative, June 23 – September 25, New York, NY
Nobodies New York, organized by Josh Kline, 179 Canal, May 1-3, New York, NY

Swapmeet, High Desert Test Sites, organized by Amy and Wendy Yao, November 7, Joshua Tree, CA
Why Aye Man, Margaret Lee and Erik Blinderman, Souterrain, April 19 – May 8, Berlin, Germany

Curatorial Projects

Foot to Foot, Regina Gallery, December 9 – January 28
HOW DO YOU DO, NOMA Gallery, March 16 – April 17, San Francisco, CA

179 Canal / Anyways, organized by Margaret Lee, White Columns, October 30 – December 4, New York, NY

179 Canal, May 2009 – July 2010, New York, NY
Today and Everyday, X Initiative, June 23 – September 25, New York, NY

Public Project
This Is It, curated by Mari Spirito, Yama, April 29 – June 30, Istanbul, Turkey, 2010

Buddies with Gregory Edwards, Apartment Show (Television City Dreams) November 7, Brooklyn, NY 2010
Betteraves Club with Emily Sundblad, Performa 09, 179 Canal, November 9, New York, NY, 2009

Artadia NADA Award, 2012

Corrected Slogans: Reading and Writing Conceptualism, Triple Canopy, 2013
You Should’ve Hear Just What I Seen, 2013
Bomb Summer  2012
How to Download a Boyfriend, Badlands Press
Draw it with your eyes closed: the art of the art assignment, Paper Monument
Tank Magazine, Issue 54, 2012
Performa 09 – Back to Futurism, 2012
The X-Initiative Yearbook, 2010
Today and Everyday, Used Future 45, 2009
Zing Magazine, Issue 21, 2007

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