Margaret Lee

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179 Canal/Anyways - White Columns, NY

Kaya (Kerstin Brätsch/Debo Eiliers)
Loveless Marriages (Anicka Yi/Josh Kline)
Betteraves Club (Margaret Lee/Emily Sundblad)
Untitled (Caitlin Keogh/Graham Anderson)

Moving Shapes and Colors (curated by Brian Droitcour)
It’s Déjà vu All Over Again (Devon Dikeou)
Untitled (Alisa Baremboym/Thomas Torres Cordova
Nobodies New York (organized by Josh Kline)
TV Show (Antoine Catala)
Guilty Feet (Tova Carlin/Colby Bird)
Bedroom w TV and a Woman Lays w Aide (Yemenwed)

“The thing about looking back is that you can look back at what happened in that linear way or you can look back at what was digested. Then you decide whether to retell the story or you decide to float forwards on whatever trajectory got you there in the first place. Anyways, the space (179 Canal) is currently a mahjong parlor and the project (179 Canal) is here, with what we’ve always had – a loose but tight commonality, not in the details but in the connections. This is not a look back/look forward, it’s a look here now. What brings us all together is hard to pin down; that’s too easy. Let’s just say it’s something about letting go and it doesn’t have much to do with history. This is a portrait and I’m its arranger and I couldn’t be more grateful. Till later and thanks, M.L., N.Y.C., 2010.”